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Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Wed 05-12-2018 Thurs 06-12-2018 Fri 07-12-2018 Sat 08-12-2018 Sun 09-12-2018 Mon 10-12-2018
10 A.M.
To 1 P.M.
  Ashok Parab (Workshop) + (Lecture)
Topic: Lipi - A mark of Finesse
  Ashok Hinge (Workshop) + (Lecture)
Topic: Creative Process & Changing Emotions
  Siddhesh Shirsekar (Workshop) + (Presentation)
Topic: Lettering & Tactile Lettering Applications
  Sudeep Gandhi (Workshop) + (Presentation)
Topic: Identify yourself Through Calligraphy
  Pooja Gaydhani (Workshop)
Topic: Beautiful Modi
  Krishnkant Thakur (Workshop)
Topic: Akshar Devnagari
  Prashant Athalye (Workshop)
Topic: Workshop for Art Teachres
2 P.M.
To 5 P.M.
  Narayana Bhattathiri (Workshop)
Topic: Beautiful Malayalam
  Inku Kumar (Workshop)
Topic: Brush Script
  Mehmood Ahmed Shaikh
(Workshop - Urdu) + (Demonstration)
Topic: Urdu Calligraphy
  Kalpesh Gosavi (Workshop) + (Lecture)
Topic: Let Word Speak
  Akshaya Thombre (Workshop) + (Lecture)
Topic: Reflecting Calligraphy
Closing Ceremony
5:30 P.M.
To 7 P.M.
Inauguration from 5:30 P.M. Onwards Inku Kumar (Demonstration) Manohar Desai (Demonstration) Kalpesh Gosavi (Demonstration) Akshaya Thombre & Pooja Gaydhani (Demonstration)
7 P.M. Onwords Pramod Kamble (Aksharshilp Live Demo) Cultural Programme Cultural Programme Fusion Programme
Arti Dhanipkar(Kathak)
Achyut Palav
Anurag Naik(Indian Classical Vocalist)